XL for Hip Hop Fans

Great hip hop music, lots of surprises and refreshing XL Energy Drink – XL organized an exclusive concert of a famous Polish rapper O.S.T.R.

O.S.T.R. is a rapper, musician and producer from Lodz. He is currently described as the king of Poland’s rap game and the best freestyler. He is very consistent and has been on top for many years. His projects have even reached the ears of hip hop legends in the United States. O.S.T.R. has been collaborating with rappers from both the East and West Coast.

XL has given out one thousand tickets to the concert. In order to get the ticket one had to take part in a contest on Facebook and send a photo or a GIF inspired by their favourite music.

On May 6th hundreds of hip hop fans flocked to see O.S.T.R. in Palladium, one of the best concert venues in Warsaw where some of the world’s most famous artists have performed. Fans listened to the music and sung the lyrics together with their idol.

XL team transformed the venue into a cool space by adding branding specially designed for the event – i.a. banners, posters, press wall and a gifbooth.

XL Energy Drink represents fun, friendship and love for music. What a better way to show it than to organize an exclusive concert for the customers?!

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