Watch our new commercials and feel the summer!

Crystal clear water, sun, beautiful sandy beach and…a sip of fresh XL Energy Drink! Watch our new commercials shot in the beautiful Maldives and let us transport you to the paradise!

Do you want to beat the heat this summer? XL Energy Drink released beautiful new commercials. The ad for the classic XL Energy Drink shows a perfect vacation day accompanied by XL which gives everyone energy to rock all day and all night! XL TEN is the newest member of the XL Energy Drink family. It gives the same energy boost but has only 10 kcal per drink! XL TEN commercial depicts a sports relay. One sip of XL TEN helps you perform at your best!

For the background of our new commercials we chose the enchanting Republic of the Maldives, a country spread out over 35,000 square miles in the Indian Ocean.  This breathtaking location is a perfect match for the blue, glistening XL can!

Check out the new ads!